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A Sari is female garment that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff. The sari is usually worn over a petticoat with a fitted upper garment commonly called a blouse. The blouse has short sleeves and is usually cropped at the midriff. The sari is associated with grace and is widely regarded as a symbol of Indian, Nepalese, Bangladesh and Sri Lankan cultures.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez (shalwar kameez) or Salwar Suits are beautiful and elegant Indian fashion clothing meant to accentuate the female body. Although the origin of Salwar Kameez is debated, it is closely associated with the women of Punjab, a Northern Indian state that was divided between India and Pakistan after the Partition of 1947. In recent decades, the salwar kameez has spread throughout India into regions and cultures where salwar kameez had only been seen in movies before or on the occasional Punjabi or North Indian tourist. These graceful Indian fashion suits are gaining popularity among non-Indians throughout the world as well. Women, no matter what their cultural or ethnic history, can benefit from the beauty, style and feminine potential of Salwar Kameez. It is equally flattering on the plus size or big size woman as it is on the smaller woman.

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Lehenga or lehnga or Ghagra in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Kashmiri or Pavadai in Tamil, Lacha in Malayalam or Langa in Telugu and Kannada is a form of skirt from the Indian subcontinent which is long, embroidered and pleated. It is worn as the bottom portion of a Gagra choli or Langa Voni.

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How to wear a saree?

A saree is a traditional Indian outfit worn by women and girls. The saree is a long cloth, from five to nine yards in length, that is draped on the body in various styles. Saree draping does not require any special skills. You can learn within few minuets by following these simple steps.