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Mobile Pouch

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Mobile Pouches


As they say, every book must match its cover. Similarly, your trendy and good-looking mobile phone must nestle within a superbly designed, comfortably sized and attractively coloured mobile pouch.


Phone Longevity

Your cell phone remains safe from unseemly scratches and thieves, thanks to the soft lining inside the pouch. The generously roomy pouch provides compartments for store cards, bankcards, credit cards, pocket change, cash, identity cards and your driver’s license. If you have not purchased a pouch already, do so now! Just attach it to your purse or belt with the aid of a magnetic fastener, belt strap, tab or clip, forcing it to follow you wherever you go.


Synthetic Leather

The modern trend is to look polished and chic from top to toe! Naturally, your mobile pouch must match your apparel. Synthetic leather is as elegantly textured and superbly charming in appearance as the ‘real’ product, albeit affordable.

Match the pastel colours of your outdoor attire with pea-green, pale pink, baby blue, soft lilac, etc. On the other hand, if you love to show off your vibrant personality via your equally colourful apparel, opt for shades of purple, blue, red, orange, green, pink, etc. Even burgundy and forest green look marvellous. If you prefer a little bit of conservatism, as well as classiness, staid brown, black, tan and white hues are perfect for you.

Do you love animals and birds? You may look at images of dainty butterflies, fierce owls, dancing horses, playful cats, etc, the whole day. Then again, there is a tremendous variety in alternative patterns waiting for you, including swirls and straight lines, polka dots, unique flora, geometrical abstracts, flags of varied nations, paw prints, etc. The finishing on every pouch promises durability, freedom from fraying, protection against sudden drops or accidents and resistance to wear and tear.

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