30 Stunning Designer Sarees to Flaunt this Monsoon Season

This monsoon season, flaunt stunning designer sarees in style. Affordable and stylish, that too, just a click away. So, shop now at Variation!

Sarees are one of India’s most prized fashionable possessions. Elegant, stylish and ethnic, they look good on everyone. With the free flowing fabrics, stunning designs and amazingly styled blouses, it’s hard to go wrong with this fashionable ensemble. Whether you want to experiment with a new style of Indian formals for work or look stunning and sophisticated at a black tie event, you can’t go wrong with a wide range and selection of gorgeous sarees available at Variation, an online shopping store which has made a woman’s life much easier and simplified. So for your pleasure, we curated some of the best available styles to give you a sneak peek into the most popular saree trends this monsoon.




1. Cotton and Cotton Silk Sarees

Cotton sarees are manufactured from pure cotton fabrics and thus have a certain stiffness and breathability in the material. They are an excellent option to wear to the office as they maintain an ideal work-look while keeping you comfortable all day long. Cotton silk sarees are also an excellent option which combine the elegance of silk fabric with the convenience of cotton to give you an absolutely stunning effect. The fabric dries easily and makes it a great choice to wear on rainy days when you want to look your best all day long in spite of heavy showers.




2. Georgette and Net Sarees

Georgette and net are extremely light fabrics and make for a wonderful style of sarees. They are mostly worn for events, pujas, parties and so on since they are more form fitting and less formal. The fabric is very fine which beautifully hugs the body and shows off a stunning and curvaceous figure. Since it is very lightweight it can be worn for long hours without discomfort and does not weigh you down through the night. Georgette has become very popular in the fashion circuit and many designers are using this fabric in their designs and most often in their saree collections.




3. Chiffon Sarees

Nothing spells class and elegance like a beautiful chiffon saree. The fabric is fine and free flowing and offers a more sophisticated look as compared to net sarees. It is a hot favourite with designers and celebrities wanting to don a traditional Indian look but with a contemporary twist. The fabric is very light and dries easily making it very convenient to wear during monsoons. Chiffon sarees are usually very simple but make a strong fashion statement for those who like a minimalist style. They can come in various designs, patterns and prints which are ideal for parties, evening get-togethers and wedding receptions.



Crepe sarees are made with a synthetic fibre fabric which has a distinct crisp or crimped appearance. This fabric has recently been taking the fashion world by storm and is a wonderfully luxurious material with a beautiful drape and fall. The overall appearance of the saree is very chic and refined and works very well to flatter every figure. The firm structure of the fabric makes it an ideal choice for high profile work wear as well as evening wear. Crepe sarees are the perfect option if you are looking for something versatile that can easily go from day to evening wear without any hassles.




Image source: All the images have been sourced from www.variation.in


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