25 Romantic Hairstyles for Long Hair

We are heading towards the most romantic time of the year. Yes! That’s right, we are talking about the very special Valentine’s Day..

With love, emotions, friendship painting the town red, it is assured that the itinerary is set for the amorous night of the quarter. In the immense planning spree, we forget dinky things that turn out to be the need of the hour later. One of them is styling the lovely tresses. Especially if it is hairstyle for long hair, then it definitely requires some planning. Not to worry all you lovely ladies out there, you plan the day and we will plan your hair.

Valentine’s Day being synonymous with red- the outfits, makeup and accessories look ravishing in red. Red hair is something not all of us fancy, hence it requires an effort to look best, feel great and of course, make our man fall head over heels.  Come on in! Let’s decipher some of the awesome looking hairdos for long hair.

25 best hair styles

  1. Straight hair damsel

Naturally straight hairis a beauty of its own- curl it, tie it or ignore it, you are to look smashing. Chop a fringe, make a puff or tie a pony- You are going to strike a statement. Stay clinched, cupid’s arrow will not miss the target when you walk out in your gown and a side swept hair bun with a few strands kissing your cheeks. Part hair to the side towards your ear and roll it up into a normal bun. Loosen out few strands of hair fall on the cheeks. Looking for a sexy Valentine’s Day hairstyle? Prop-up your hair with a bandeau in your way. Lock it up in a braid or use it as a band, simple yet easy adorable hairdos to impress your date.



  1. Curly locks mademoiselle

Debut your sweet side by going au naturel with your curly tresses. Set them with some styling mousse to get perfect curls. Make him fall love all over again by accessorizing your conventional tie-up with sparkling hair tie. Wrap hair into sections, use a flat iron and create gorgeous finger waves for a fetching look any man will lust after.


  1. Coloured mane colleen

Surprise him presentingtheirresistibly charming you withcoloured or highlighted hairdo. Go ombre! Check out contrasting ombrebraided hairdo below that would sculpture you as the fashion diva. Create a normal braid with three or four loops and secure it with bobby pins. Composed with numerous options for styling, these highlights will give you the runway looks. If your valentine loves wacky stuff, try global blonde or just go pinkkk! Create a puff-up look with some bangs. He is going to be singing ‘Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra,Zulfon Ka Rang Sunehra’ ;)


  1. Late lassie

Day dreaming had gottentime to elapse leaps and bounds and YOU ARE LATE. Your brain cells start cursing ‘not again the same look’. Hang on guys, we have you covered. Without having to spend hours with your flat irons and curlers you can achieve drop-dead flamboyant looks. Untamed ruffled hair is seductive. Rock the messy hair-do by blow-drying the hair and run your fingers through them. Voila! It’s done. Hankering for some volume, blow-dry upside down or in the opposite direction of hair growth.Clip it up with a jewelled hair accessory and be his perfect muse.

Nothing better than looking gorgeous with effortless hairstyles. Yes, you got it right we are not done yet. Ceasing out with the few easy techniques for you to try.Crack it girls,you are going to hear “Be Mine” soon.  Happy Hairstyling! Have a flirtatious Valentine’s Day!

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