34 Gorgeous Mehndi Designs for a Bride-to-be

Mehndi is a significant wedding ceremony in India. Mehndi ceremony is a customary function in Indian weddings to adorn hands and legs with mehndi designs. Mehndi is every bride’s favourite. Just like wedding dreams, a girl has wishes for the type and design of mehndi she would sport on her wedding day.

A gorgeous mehndi designs is a priority in a bridal to-do list. With so much of cultural diversity and creativity all around us, we have distinct types and styles of mehndi designs with their own distinct definition and artistry. Pakistani and Arabic designs are extra-ordinarily stylish; Punjabi, Rajasthani and Gujarati decorations exclusively interpret rich Indian culture. From intricate to bold styles mehndi designs have it all.

For the today’s choosy bride, hop on, peek into our collection and get inspired!

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Orbicular Mehndi Designs

Remember grandmother’s round motifs? My grandmom describes it as a typical ‘chand-tara (moon-star)’ design and I loved it every time I wore it as a child. Now evolved into beautiful neat impressions like a circle with few curvy lines and dots, back then these were probably the simplest and only type of designs. For the brides who love to sport minimal mehndi clad hands this is just your match. A circle on the palm and/or back is beautified with patterns inside. Change the plain outline of the circle by creating leaf-like or curvy designs. A gap between the palm’s motif and the finger design prints brings out the look even better.  If this sounds simple, look into the picture where you can build around the circle (try any polygon instead of circle) adding more detail for a bridal look. Try making this design is by doing half polygon each on one palm; when you cup your palms together it completes the shape.

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Arabic Mehndi Design

Favourite bridal getup of the season! Arabic style is a beautiful, non-extensive technique. It comprises of big size floral outlines filled in with lines and patterns showing a lot of skin. Solid fills inside gives a strong colour and a bold look, bringing out the real beauty of the henna pattern. These designs can be simple yet stunning with few floral patterns and scattered motifs all over the hand. Take a look at some of our suggestions: a circle motif incorporated in Arabic style or an intricate design with solid fills. Ready to bring it to play?

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Indian Mehndi Design

Intricate, time-consuming and the breath-taking art work. This favourite bridal pattern has extensive options consisting of webbed, floral and paisley patterns.  Showing almost no-skin, very fine designs with peacock or human drawings. Be the new-gen creative bride making Arabic style bold outlines and filling it with intricate patterns of lines, curves and checkers. You are sure to get beautiful hands when it is all done and decked up with bangles and stunning red or pink nail paint. Check out the idea of painting the wedding customs and auspicious ornaments/motifs such as a shehnai, Dulha (groom) and Dulhan (bride) figurines or a cute little Lord Ganesha for the bridal hands and some fantastic peacock designs for the legs.

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 Auxiliary Mehndi Designs

Perfect fit for our multi-cultural weddings, these captivating designs and styles popular among young brides. Wondering how to fit in your mehndi clad hands for the off-shoulder dress of your bachelorette party? We have the answer. Opt for an Indo-Arabic style mehndi. Light yet wonderful. Deck it up with colours, glitter and stones to make it a perfect match for your dress. Peelable hand print mehndi stickers are also available everywhere around the globe. They are for the on-the-go-brides and guests on the list. All that one needs to do is to peel it off before getting into a wedding saree or a reception gown. Stay in vogue with dark/ black coloured mehndi design.

Bangle length application adds honest amount of glam factor. Elbow length accentuates the beautiful hands and arms. Deck it up all the way above your sleeves and be remembered forever for the charismatic mehndi you wore. Add in your favourite figure incarnations or hide in your loved ones name. Colour it, glitter it or beautify it with stones. Use your creativity and rock it.

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Hoping to have your minds set with your needs, here is wishing you great wedding!!

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Parekh - October 19, 2016

This one brings back a lot of fond memories of my wedding ceremony and it’s also a fun piece to read. Beautifully detailed…. Mine was a pure Arabic design with authentic Indian patterns scattered. Thank you for this one!


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